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Scutoid Coop is a cultural workers cooperative based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Our members include artists, designers, curators, independent researchers, cultural administrators, and installation technicians.

Aiming to activate our local independent art space and alternative cultural scene, we focus on cross culture network building and open social platform for local community. The word scutoid is a geometric shape named in 2018. Scientists have discovered this new shape in epithelia. Cells can 3D-pack as scutoids, facilitating tissue curvature, and thus, the shape is regarded as a fundamental role to the shaping of the organs during development.

We are a gathering of people who love coffee and art. We enjoy sharing information and making exhibition for those we do care about. Be with us, share your story. Take your time and shape it into a story to share with us. 


  • 合作社立案籌備

  • 赴香港中文大學參與平台合作主義聯盟香港分會
    (Platform Cooperativism Consortium Hong Kong)年會

  • 「河南8號」成立


  • 作社正式立案(2019.01.24)


  • 策劃「禽獸不如—2020臺灣美術雙年展」平行展《技術變形記》


  • 「河南8號」結束

  • 獲選參與Gudskul Collective Study #4共學課程



  • Gudskul Collective Study #4 | Documenta 15

  • AAA圖書館開幕檔案展(名稱未定)

三角形 拷貝.png



Network Society

圖片 16.png-5.png


Living in the city which was once called cultural desert, we aim to bridge and to present alternative cultural scenes, contemporary artivism, and energetically international connections in our civil urban life.


  • Scutoid is new shape that scientists found in 2018: cells in skin, to combine more efficiently, to make more efficient connection and networking.

  • 9 founding members, 2 years latter, now we totally have 15 members

  • 。Profit part and Non-profit part:-Design, curate or event-organize for local government & other coops-Our own imagination & practice: alternative space, research-based curating, meme making…...

圖片 16.png-6.png


Along the experiment of exchange theory Mode D by Kojin Karatani, we started non-profit alternative space operating projects, Henan 8 (2018-2021) in a residential area and Thursday Parasite (2021-) in the traditional market, and launched several sessions of lectures on art and society, local-issue-based exhibitions, and cross-border-sharing workshops.

圖片 10.png-1.png

理事 | Board of Directors
賴曉瑩 | LAI Hsiao-Ying(主席)
蔡士翔 | TSAI Shih-Hsiang
林祐聖 | LIN Yu-Sheng

監事 | Board of Supervisors

柯永謙 | KE Yung-Chien

吳念澄 | WU Nien-Cheng

王 瑀 | WANG Yu 


社員 | Members

張心睿CHANG Hsin-Ray

潘重光 | PAN Chung-Kuang

黃郁茜HUANG Yu-Cian

高堉銓Yu Cyuan-GAO

陳柏源CHEN Po-Yuan

呂孟霖LU Meng-Lin

陳怡雯 | CHEN Yi-Wen

合作社新logo 線稿.png
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